Contribute to those in need and make a difference

Dear Community,

I have a dream that every person living in Monterey will have their spirits lifted during these unprecedented times from hearing about and participating in Kindness Monterey. It starts with one person caring and taking action. All of us have been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, either directly or indirectly.

My heart goes out to all of you and I know we will get through this time more connected, more loving, more kind, with a heart that is hopeful for humanity.

– Annee Martin

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Below are a number of creative ways to make this campaign successful
Buy a gift card for those affected by fire

ALL IN Monterey offers an easy way to help those in need and is working with the local Red Cross and the Monterey County Community Resilience Program to help those affected by the devastating fires in our community. They are accepting food, toiletries and clothes donations as well as funds. They also will be handing out grocery gift cards and restaurant gift cards (purchased through If you would like to purchase a gift card to help a first responder or volunteer or someone affected by fire, buy one here at and and send via email . Tanya will distribute to those in need. Tanya Kosta 831-869-5602

Buy a gift card for yourself and use it for you

Take a break and treat yourself and your family because you deserve it. When you have experienced first-hand how wonderful enjoying a meal out is or in the comfort of your own home you will first-hand experience how great it is to be nourished by the restaurant you just helped support. This will inspire you to want others to have a similar experience and pay it forward. Buy now!

Buy a gift card for hospitality staff who have lost their jobs or had hours reduced

Bonnie Adams,Director of the Monterey County Hospitality Association will help distribute to those in need.

Buy a gift card for someone you care about

Someone who is in need of having their spirits lifted. Let them know you care by gifting them with a gift card from one of your favorite restaurants and write a nice note! Buy now!

Buy a gift card to celebrate a special occasion

For a holiday, get well, thinking of you especially when you don’t know what to give someone. Buy now!

Buy a gift card for a co-worker

Or perhaps someone you know who may have lost their job, had their hours reduced, or who you know is hurting. Buy now!

Buy a gift card to feed others

Melissa Kendrick, Executive Director of the Monterey County Food Bank will direct all gift cards to those individuals or families that she feels would benefit. It is our goal to send 100 gift cards per week to the food bank. We believe that those who have found themselves needing to use these services many for the first time would appreciate being able to order from a restaurant. Reach out!

Buy a gift card to help our medical first responders

Medical First Responders show up every day to deal with COVID-19 patients or those who are vulnerable working in the restaurants.Susan Bradley, a nurse at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital will distribute gift cards to the medical professionals, and include a nice note from you if you wish to sign your name. Reach out!

Buy a gift card to help farmworkers

Maren Elwood helped produce a documentary called Making a Life and worked with several organizations who are committed to making a better life for those who feed us. Maren will direct gift cards to these worthy groups and individuals. Reach out!

Another helpful way to distribute gift cards is via the Immigration Task Force.

Buy a gift card for owners of small businesses

People who are also struggling to stay afloat with their businesses being closed and tourism down need to know that we are here for them and support them. You can direct your gift to the Chamber of Commerce executive directors, who will hand them out to those who can use a lift of cheer.

Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce
Moe Amor

Carmel Chamber of Commerce
Jenny Macmurdo

Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Frank Geisler

Carmel Valley Chamber of Commerce
Elizabeth Vitarisi Suro

Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau
Jeroen Gerrese

Buy a gift card to help musicians

Kiki Wow is a musician, producer, and is very involved with local musicians. By directing your gift card to Kiki, she will distribute them to those most in need. Reach out!